Edycja XI – STYCZEŃ 2025

Program edukacyjny skierowany do grona specjalistów i managerów utrzymania ruchu i produkcji. AZT skupia się na praktycznych warsztatach, pracy z case studies, wymianie doświadczeń oraz prezentacji nowoczesnych narzędzi.

Maintenance Solutions

Implement a Proactive Maintenance Program

A key element to the success of your operations is your maintenance program: the people, resources, tools, processes, documentation, and strategy that your organization utilizes to keep assets throughout your facilities running at peak performance — and to return them to that point as quickly as possible when unexpected incidents occur.

Our One SEAM, One Solution approach is built on a foundation of maintenance excellence. Only the most well-maintained assets perform reliably and uphold the levels of safety needed to avoid injuries, downtime, and compliance challenges. By focusing on maintenance alongside safety and reliability, our team identifies and resolves challenges associated with common issues such as:

  • Employee skills and knowledge gaps
  • Safety exposures related to unplanned work
  • Insufficient control of costs
  • Ineffective or incomplete preventive maintenance strategy
  • Reactive maintenance — i.e. fire fighting mode
  • An excessive work order backlog

Creating a safer, more reliable world

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The SEAM Group Difference

Collaboration and Partnership Defined

More than a vendor, SEAM Group functions as a strategic advisor to meet you where you are and take you where you need to be. We uncover quick wins, while also developing and managing long-term programs to help you exceed ongoing safety, reliability, and maintenance goals. 

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