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Program edukacyjny skierowany do grona specjalistów i managerów utrzymania ruchu i produkcji. AZT skupia się na praktycznych warsztatach, pracy z case studies, wymianie doświadczeń oraz prezentacji nowoczesnych narzędzi.

Logistics and Distribution

Build a Culture of Safety and Reliability with the World’s Logistic and Distribution Companies

The movement of materials is in the spotlight given the boom in online retail shopping and delivery. Logistics and distribution companies are front and center when it comes to expectations on safety, reliability, and maintenance.

At SEAM Group, we deliver custom, scalable solutions for all aspects of logistics and distribution, including:

  • Warehouse centers
  • Supply chain functions
  • Picking and packaging
  • Delivery organizations

Partnering with SEAM Group means:

  • Integration of safety into your organizational culture
  • Improved training around safety, reliability, and maintenance
  • Custom program management solutions
  • Optimized asset performance
  • Safer working environments
  • Better uptime and reliability with routine maintenance and inspections
  • Higher employee engagement with an emphasis on safety and well-being

Customers in the logistics and distribution field also benefit from our simple, scalable ViewPoint® technology that enables access to critical safety and reliability data.

safety expert uses tablet to enter data updates

SEAM Group Expertise: By the Numbers

Each year, our team inspects

energized assets
1 million+

We serve leading brands

250 +

We serve clients in

40 +
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The SEAM Group Difference

Collaboration and Partnership Defined

More than a vendor, SEAM Group functions as a strategic advisor to meet you where you are and take you where you need to be in the logistics and distribution industry. We uncover quick wins, while also developing and managing long-term programs to help you exceed ongoing safety, reliability, and maintenance goals.

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