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Program edukacyjny skierowany do grona specjalistów i managerów utrzymania ruchu i produkcji. AZT skupia się na praktycznych warsztatach, pracy z case studies, wymianie doświadczeń oraz prezentacji nowoczesnych narzędzi.

Speaker Spotlight: Safety, reliability and maintenance: 7 steps to optimize performance

Safety, reliability, and maintenance are critical functions driving operational performance. We share our take on the strategy and benefits on taking your organization to the next level by aligning these three core disciplines.

Why align reliability, maintenance and safety? Unifying these functions maximizes asset availability, minimizes unplanned maintenance, makes the most efficient use of capital and optimizes production output, all while operating safely – preventing asset loss and, critically, harm to people.

Here are seven steps essential to achieving alignment:

  1. Calibrate goals.
  2. Understand tools and methodologies.
  3. Align management systems.
  4. Calibrate a risk-based approach.
  5. Implement mitigation plans.
  6. Understand the critical role of culture.
  7. Cross-train disciplines to create partnerships and collaboration.

The editorial was initially featured on Safety+Health magazine, click the following link: https://www.safetyandhealthmagazine.com/articles/20241-speaker-spotlight-safety-reliability-and-maintenance-7-steps-to-optimize-performance

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