Edycja XI – STYCZEŃ 2025

Program edukacyjny skierowany do grona specjalistów i managerów utrzymania ruchu i produkcji. AZT skupia się na praktycznych warsztatach, pracy z case studies, wymianie doświadczeń oraz prezentacji nowoczesnych narzędzi.

Mastering the Performance Triad: A Seven-Part Optimization Strategy for Reliability, Safety, and Maintenance

Why align reliability, maintenance and safety? Aligning these three core disciplines is a fresh approach to safety leadership that will take safety to the next level.

In this white paper we’ll define the three disciplines, also known as the Performance Triad:

  • Safety is the expertise, forethought, and level of precaution that ensures no catastrophic incident will occur during system operation. Safety eliminates lost time due to injuries as well as product loss, property loss, environmental damage, and capital loss.
  • Reliability is the level of certainty that each component of an operation, and ultimately the entire system, will perform within the required parameters over a given period of time.
  • Maintenance is the discipline of preserving over time as much of a system’s original capacity as possible. As such, maintenance is integral to managing risk, eliminating the loss of equipment, extending the service life of crucial components, and maximizing uptime.

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